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7 Renovation Projects to Tackle in 2019 That Can Add Value to Your Home

7 Renovation Projects to Tackle in 2019 That Can Add Value to Your Home

1. Valuable Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the heart of many homes, but is yours feeling a bit lifeless? Consider a kitchen renovation! With carefully chosen colours and finishes, a renovation will help breathe life into this space. As an added bonus, well-planned kitchen renovations are can increase the value of your home offer a return of 6-10% on the sale price.

Kitchen Renovation

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You can choose between large and small renovations to suit your needs and your budget. If the layout feels out of date, take the opportunity for a major renovation that allows you to change the space and make it more helpful. A full kitchen remodel allows you to embrace new trends in your shelving, appliances and fixtures!

Open shelves are going to be a big trend in 2019, allowing you to display your dishes and kitchen wares in a natural way. If you already have these shelves in place, think about incorporating one of the warm natural colours sure to be popular in the upcoming year.

Countertops and the backsplash are fantastic ways to change the look of your entire kitchen without replacing cupboards! Metallic accents will be popular this year in shades of copper and brass, and will be a great touch in your kitchen renovation!

2. Updating Your Yard with Landscaping

Although it may not be temperate right now, you can always start planning an update to your home’s exterior! Plus, by thinking early you can always book your trades now to ensure you are ready to start when the weather is warmer!

The big theme for 2019 when it comes to your garden will be creating an oasis. Take the opportunity with landscaping to create spaces you look forward to spending time in. This includes both the low maintenance plants sure to be trendy this year as well as using natural wooden furniture for your secret hideaway. As the year unfolds, you’ll be glad for the retreat. If you’re not big on space, consider containers to introduce your plants into the areas you do have in a fresh and engaging way.

3. Take Advantage of a Loft Renovation

Turn the unused space in a loft into something useful! This adds to your property value, especially if you add a bedroom or two by converting this space. Lofts can also be great spaces to include a home office. Regardless of the purpose for this space, it’s sure to add welcome value for your home.

Warm neutral paint colours, sure to be a trend for 2019, will be welcome in your loft conversion. Choose a shade that will transform the loft into a cosy space, regardless of the intended purpose. Remember that a conversion allows you to incorporate modern technology, so consider energy efficiency with LED lighting to brighten up the space.

4. Refresh Your Entry

2019 home trends

Although you use it nearly every day, your front entry may be a bit neglected. Change that this year with an upgrade! This adds to your property value by increasing its appeal from the street. Plus, replacing your entry doors is a great way to keep your home efficient. A good, properly installed door helps block the cold and keep your home running smoothly.

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Paint is an easy way to accent your home with 2019 new ideas. Consider a colour that contrasts with your home’s exterior for real impact, or choose 2019’s deep forest green to stay on trend.

5. Freshen Up Your Exterior

The outside of your home is just as important as the interior! A well-planned update increases property value and offers an aesthetic upgrade. Options include paint and siding, but don’t forget about brick refacing! All of these will be popular in 2019 with new profiles and colours to choose from. You can make your exterior the best on the block!

Choose timeless colours so this isn’t a fix you want to change by the end of the year. It can be a costly and time-consuming project, so you want to make the right choice the first time. A neutral palette will be popular in 2019, sure to match existing windows or shutters.

Another great 2019 trend will be to bring the indoors out! Make a patio feel like an extension of your home with cushions, rugs, and even outdoor firepit to make this homey and ready for the spring!

Or consider adding a deck for even more value. It’s a fantastic way to improve the value of your home and extend your living space. Consider using a composite material over wood to reduce the amount of upkeep you’ll have in the space. This enables you to spend more time enjoying your deck and less time with maintenance!

6. Bathroom Remodelling

Just like the kitchen, a bathroom remodel can range from minor improvements to major renovations to give you better property value. Examine your space to see where updates are most needed. The surround, fixtures, sink and tile are common focuses for an update that offers a great return.

But if you have good fixtures, reuse them! Then you can spend on the luxurious, like updating to modern shower doors or installing a high-value waterfall faucet in a trendy finish like black matte (sure to be popular in 2019!). Reglazing a tub can save you thousands and easily return the value on your efforts.

Bathroom Remodelling

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A bathroom lasts for a long time, so stick with timeless choices for this space. Instead, introduce 2019’s trends in less permanent ways. Living coral, 2019’s colour of the year, can be perfect as a pop of colour that can easily be repainted in favour of a new option in the future.

7. Replace Your Old Windows

Energy efficiency is always popular, especially when it comes to your home improvements! This renovation can drastically increase your home value. Properly installed and sealed will help keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

For 2019, trends come in modern styles and classic designs with an update. Think of windows with lattice, but built with modern features like casements so you can get the classic look but modern convenience. You’ll have options to suit the style of your home so everything blends together for the perfect exterior look