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Recommend A Builder is home to recommended UK and European tradesmen. We aim to bring good quality tradesmen who are competitive on to ensure consumers get a good price for their money.

We ensure that the tradesmen who join our site are able to demonstrate their portfolio of work, through digital photos, through their videos and their social media platforms.

How would you feel if you missed out on a high-quality tradesman, whose work you could check, look at previous recommendations and then you found out he was better priced than the tradesman that you chose?

With recommend a builder we give you the best chance to make an informed decision. View lot and lots of pictures, view the videos, visit their social media site and check their recommendations.

You can even directly message your tradesman to ask a question or invite for quotes through the unique messaging system!

You can leave a review for the tradesman once you are happy with the work completed and help other homeowners benefit from a quality tradesman.

What is
Recommend A Builder?

After checking lots and lots of different websites to find tradesmen, it was clear that it is still difcult to find quality tradesman at a low. competitive price.

The bandwidth of prices quoted can be so different and it should be down to the customer to decide who is the best tradesman, by reviewing the portfolio, asking questions and checking reviews.

Recommend A Builder, is based on recommendations to support you in your decision making.

We have built a system that allows a range of tradesmen from different backgrounds to join and we give you the peace of mind to check the tradesman yourself and decide which factors are the most important.

Some customers will see price as the most important factor, others the quality of the work, we have tried to match price and quality as close as possible and give you the power to choose.

Why is Recommend
A Builder different?

If you need a tradesmen on price, quality or experience -
you can chose and we can support your search on recommend a builder. Hundreds of tradesmen ready for you to contact and review.

Recommended UK Tradesmen

Giving you the freedom to decide who you want to choose for the job.

Internal Communication System

Internal message system to ensure there is an audit of the questions between tradesman and homeowner.

Complex Review System

Allow you to check tradesman against different measures of quality including cost.

Post your job today and find a tradesman
to meet your home needs.


You can contact us at : info@recommendabuilder.com