Reviews – FAQs

How to post a review?

Once you have accepted a tradesman and the job has been carried out, you can log into your personal account and select the review tradesman option.  You can rate the tradesman across the different areas to give an overall rating and leave comments for the tradesman.

Can a tradesman add/respond to a review?

Yes, a tradesman can respond to a review and this is to ensure that we keep it fair for both parties.  The tradesman can only post a review to a customers review.

Who can post reviews?

Reviews can only be posted by a consumer who has a job accepted and completed and by a tradesman who has completed the job.  No other party can add a review to the profile.

What if I do not want to add a review?

You are under no obligation to add a review, but it can help other homeowners understand about the tradesman.  This then allows more customers to benefit from a quality tradesman.

Can I delete a review that I have added?

You do not have the immediate facility to do this, however, if you email, with a rationale we can review this for you.

Where can I view my ratings?

To see an overview of the ratings you have received, log in and select ‘Account’ and then ‘Ratings’ or launch the Find Work mobile app and select ‘Ratings’ from the main navigation. You will then be shown a summary of your average ratings for Quality, Reliability and Value.

You will also see jobs split into those which have been rated and those you’re waiting to be rated on. From here, you may respond to a rating by selecting the job and then ‘Reply to rating’.

I am new and do not have any ratings?

We know it can be difficult when you first join, so we give you credit to spend on winning your first work. The best way to win work without ratings is to:

  • Update your profile with your qualifications, specialities and photos of past work.
  • Start with low-cost, easy-to-service leads where homeowners are less likely to rely on ratings.
  • Contact the customer immediately when you buy a job lead.
  • Give a thorough, detailed quote and provide references.
  • Always ask for ratings once the job is done.

Once you’ve built-up a few ratings, it’ll be easier to go after bigger jobs and keep winning.

How does a customer know that my ratings are genuine?

Unlike other recommendation sites, we operate a closed ratings system. Only customers who have hired a tradesperson via Rated People can submit a rating of that tradesperson. Customers can update or change their rating at any time and tradespeople can comment/respond.

We screen ratings and comments for offensive language and conduct random spot checks on both positive and negative ratings. We have also put in place automated checks to catch tradespeople who try to rate themselves.