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"Alpine Surveys provide expert and independent specialist surveys for Domestic and Commercial properties. We cover the South of England, with operational offices in London, Birmingham & Dorset."

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    Alpine Damp are an independent surveying company, with absolutely no connections to any damp proofing company, and therefore have no interest in financial rewards from remedial works.

    We aim to provide you with a totally unbiased survey, in order that you have a true understanding of the issues that you may have. Unfortunately there are many companies that will provide a “Free Survey” with the hope of selling expensive remedial works at the end of the survey sometimes costing many thousands of pounds, and on many occasions, they are not required.

    With the correct survey and diagnosis, in many situations the rectification is non expensive, and does not require expensive Damp Proof Courses to be installed, or expensive surfaces. The key is to be thorough in the survey approach, and locate the actual issue, as opposed to assuming that it is something else, normally misdiagnosed as Rising Damp.

    Unfortunately in many cases damp is ignored by the owners as a non-important issue. However prolonged exposure to damp can cause serious health risks with mould growths and added moisture causing respiratory issues. The ongoing risk to the building is the deterioration of plaster, contamination from salts, and erosion of the structure causing sometimes unnecessary costs if the issue is correctly diagnosed sooner rather than later.

    We have offices and Surveyors that cover Central & Southern England & Wales, Alpine Damp undertake literally hundreds of surveys for both Domestic and Commercial customers, resolving issues that others cannot resolve, in all house types, through to large 5* hotels alike. We utilise our years of experience, combined with the latest survey technology and additional methods that others do not use such as Thermal Imaging, and Acoustic technology.


    Totally independent from all damp proof contractorsMany years of experience and gained knowledgeComplete range of Damp related surveysBoth Domestic and commercial clients welcomeCoverage across the South of England (see contact page for details)The latest in survey methods and technologyDetailed reporting on all issues with correct diagnosis and recommendations


    We are totally independent of all contractors
    We have over 30+ years of surveying experience
    Our Surveyors are all employed by us
    We have offices and Surveyors that cover Central & Southern England & Wales
    There are various forms of damp within properties, which are sometimes incorrectly diagnosed by those looking to gain additional unnecessary expensive repairs, or just because a thorough survey was not undertaken in order to make the right diagnosis.

    Alpine Damp take their time to make the right diagnosis, utilising numerous survey methods for confirmation. On completion a detailed report will be provided, detailing exactly what has been undertaken as part of the investigation or survey, the results, and our unbiased recommendations for the rectification of the issue.

    Detailed below are the various damp classification